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Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Bargaining, Repeated Games, Social Choice and Market Microstructure


Industrial Organization, Experimental Economics
Econometric Society, American Economic Association, Game Theory Society
  • Article
    Özyurt, Selçuk (2016) "Building reputation in a war of attrition game: Hawkish or Dovish stance?", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, Vol.16, No.2, 797-816 (NA)
    Özyurt, Selçuk (2015) "Bargaining, reputation and competition", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol.119, 1-17 (SSCI)
    Özyurt, Selçuk (2015) "Searching for a bargain: power of strategic commitment", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol.7, No.1, 320-353 (SSCI)
    Özyurt, Selçuk (2014) "Audience costs and reputation in crisis bargaining", Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.88, 250-259 (SSCI)
  • Before SU Publications

    Bargaining, Reputation, and Competition. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 119 (2015): 1–17 

    Searching for a Bargain: Power of Strategic Commitment. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2015) 7(1): 320-353

    Audience Costs and Reputation in Crisis Bargaining. Games and Economic Behavior (2014) 88: 250-259.

    A General Impossibility Result on Strategy-Proof Social Choice Hyperfunctions, with M. Remzi Sanver. Games and Economic Behavior (2009) 66: 880-892.

    An Impossibility for Strategy-Proof Resolute Social Choice Correspondences, with M. Remzi Sanver. Social Choice and Welfare (2008) 30: 89-101.