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The scientific or artistic quality of the works of many FASS faculty members is nationally and internationally recognized with prestigious awards, editorships in academic journals and elections to board memberships in academic organizations. Below is a selection from a long list.

Awards from TUBA, TUBITAK and BAGEP

Best Paper Awards

International and Other National Awards - Social Sciences / Arts

Social Sciences

(2014) Eren İnci - Science Academy Young Scientists Award (BAGEP)
(2014) Bülent Aras - Global Wodrow Wilson Fellowship
(2013) Bahri Yılmaz - Jean Monnet European Module "European-Mediterranean Relations: Challenges for the Mediterranean Region" by EU Commission
(2011) Hülya Adak - Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
(2011) Ateş Altınordu - Marvin B. Sussman Dissertation Prize, Yale University-Sociology Department.
(2011) Hülya Adak - Research Fellowship, Orient-Institut.
(2011) Ateş Altınordu - Jean Monnet Course Module, 2011-2014, European Commission.
(2011) Ahmet Evin - Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, 2011-2014, European Commission.
(2011) Meltem Müftüler-Baç - Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, 2011-2014, European Commission.
(2010) Şerif Mardin - Lifetime Outstanding Service Award, Turkish Writers' Association.
(2010) Cemil Koçak - Research Award, Turkish Writers' Association.
(2010) Ayşe Kadıoğlu - Member of the Council of Europe’s Group of Eminent Persons.
(2010) Bahri Yılmaz - Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, 2010-2013, European Commission.
(2010) Ahmet Evin - Senior Fellowship, Transatlantic Academy
(2009) Meltem Müftüler-Baç – Election as Chair, by the Steering Committee, Standing Group on the European Union, European Consortium for Political Research, 2009 –2011.
(2009) Abdurrahman Aydemir - Research Award, Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc)
(2008) Ayşe Gül Altınay - PEN Duygu Asena Award for Violence Against Women in Turkey (with Yeşim Arat)
(2006) Ayşe Betül Çelik - Research Award, Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc)
(2006) Meltem Müftüler-Baç - Jean Monnet Chair, ad personam, 2004-2009, The European Commission
(2006) Ali Çarkoğlu - Jean Monnet Course Module for the course “Analytical Approaches, the European Commission.”
(2005) Bahri Yılmaz - Jean Monnet European Module for the course “European Economic Integration.”
(2004) Tülay Artan – Visiting professorship grant at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, by the French Ministére de la Jeunesse de l’Education Nationale et de la Recherche.
(2003) Ali Çarkoğlu - Middle East Research Competition Award, The Ford Foundation.
(2002) Bahri Yılmaz - Jean Monnet Professorship Chair, European Commission.
(2002) Meltem Müftüler-Baç - European Commission Action Jean Monnet, Grant for permanent course on the European Union.