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In and Out of The Mist

A Solo Exhibition by Yoong Wah Alex Wong

This is not a series of abstract artworks because you are able to see unfolding details and information from the photographs, but there are very few details or clues revealed. Here I am trying to photograph the puzzles. I attempt to let the photographed subject, have enough space to move around and breathe freely. We usually photograph a subject or object that is within a space. The subject is always the prime target in photography. However it is the space that provides and allows all of these compositions to be possible. What falls outside of the frame is thus one of infinite alterations and possibilities, an uncertain state, obscured and poetic at the same time. These unfinished narrative and ambiguity of the photographed subject creates a puzzle that stretches out between emotional state and physical territories of our environments.
The 'In and out of the Mist' series suggests to us to photograph in the unknown, and to look at iconic subjects and content with fresh thoughts. But it also challenges us to try to understand and feel a reaction and consequence within us, as we understand the meaning of that impact. Oblivion is a state when we are often blind and enter into this state with our open eyes wide open.


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