Exhibition: A Room of One’s Own (22 March-5 May 2018)30-03-2018

Exhibition: A Room of One’s Own
Artists: Meltem Işık, Tahmineh Monzavi, Charlotte Schmitz, Cansu Yıldıran

22 March-5 May 2018

Leica Gallery İstanbul, Bomontiada

FASS visiting instructor Meltem Işık participates in the exhibition “A Room of One’s Own” at Leica Gallery Istanbul, with selected works from her series “Twice into the stream”. In her work, Meltem Işık explores one’s relationship with herself and her body, through the differences between how the individual sees herself, versus how she is seen by others.

Departing from the challenges that are addressed in Virginia Woolf’s book by the same name, four women artists address topics such as ingrained social expectations, gender inequality and women’s behaviors within their enforced roles, each applying her own visual approach. The compelling, thought-provoking images are designed to promote a dialogue and highlight the fact that the issues raised in Woolf’s seminal novel remain profoundly relevant to this day. The exhibition will be on view from 22 March-5 May 2018.