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in Between

in Between

VA Senior Graduation Exhibition, In Between

Event Date:10.05.07- 17.05.07

Event Address: Fass Art Gallery Sabancı University

Exhibited Artwork: Seven young artists working and producing their works with different materials and techniques will propose different ideas variying from moving, setting off, leaving and changing the space,  relating it with their self experineces and personal journeys. Working very long time in the same studio environment within established and accustomed circumstances allowed artists to prapere this exhibition under the same theme. In this sense, artists who is also experiencing an arrangement in a gallery space for the first time, have decided to name it "in between", while transcending the limits that this oriented studio environment  have imposed and facing new possibilities.  

Artists: Mehmet Kosemen  /  Meric Algun  / Merve Ertufan  /  Oner Ozlu  /  Duygu Beykal / Ceren Taskent  /  Damla Tamer


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