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HART 434 Art and Architecture of the Medieval Mediterranean
This course provides a comparative survey of the medieval art and architecture (3rd - 13th centuries) of the Mediterranean basin. The history of medieval art and architecture has been traditionally divided into various (Late Antique, Early Christian, Islamic, Romanesque, Gothic, Jewish) compartments by temporal, stylistic and geographic lines. One aim of this course is to challenge such divisions by focusing on the larger Mediterranean basin in comparative light, and introducing continuities, interactions, contacts and conflicts that render the above categories obsolete. Another aim is to challenge the established practice of art and architectural history by focusing, instead of the form alone, on the comparable circumstances under which art and architecture were produced.
SU Credits : 3
ECTS Credit : 6
Prerequisite : Undergraduate level SPS 101 Minimum Grade of D AND Undergraduate level SPS 102 Minimum Grade of D
Corequisite : -

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