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Diaries and Kaleidoscope

Diaries and Kaleidoscope

Exhibition by: Tomur Atagok and Roman Gajewski

Event Date: 21 Kasım - 21 Aralık 2006

Event Address: Fass Art Gallery Sabancı University

Curator: Wieslaw Zaremba

Exhibition assistant: Sena Arcak

Prof. Tomur Atagok

Some of the Works are not precisely dated or are done later by combination of different materials, from different places and events. Therefore, "the words", the horizontal stripes cannot be "read" chronologically. How come then, that such an chronologically inconsistent "text"  has been given the title of "diary"?

The literary shape of diary comes from the relief that most truthfull are impressions written simultaneously with the event, in the present. The myth about the greater truthfulness of the present, is disturbed by the diary form. Namely it goes without saying that the facts of every diary necessarily subcjected to reduction and simplificaction. If not, an unvoidable paradox would appear: the absolutely real diary, recording everything that is happening to the author,

Would stop itself, nothing would happen to the author, he would be busy writing the diary (...) "

Suzana Milevska

Prof. Roman Gajewski

Imagine that you are sitting in front of the TV set. It is turned off, so you can see your face in it, like in a looking glass. Now turn it on: look like your scarcely visible image is absorbed by the pictures of the accelerated world, which is teeming with events.

Now who are you - a witness, a participant?

Here is KALEIDOSCOPE: 60 graphics, 60 visions, in which domains of life, layer after layer, are revealed. Sometimes seen with a cold eye, some other time commentated, but always in such a manner that the margin of interpretation would stay wide.


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