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Digital Media

Digital Media

Event Date: 25 February - 13 March

Event Address: Istanbul, Turkey - Sabancı University FASSART Gallery

Curated by: Alex Wong, Ekmel Ertan and Selçuk Artut

Alex Wong
3D Modeling-Animation
To recognize the benefits of learning advanced digital media and master the software, knowledge in technical, aesthetic and conceptual aspect. The course is based on design to provide a visual look at the various concepts going into the production of modeling and animations. The main focus is to understand digital 3D modeling tools, ways of modeling, modeling techniques, texture mapping on various modeling geometry and modeling for animations.

Digital Video
This course introduces students to the making of storyboarding, script writing, cinematic video, and video editing. Through the course of study, students become familiar with the language of videography and filming to support their discussion of various genres, alternative modes and purposes of storytelling base on creative fictional theme.

Selçuk Artut
SonicFields explores an immersed sonic experience in a virtual 3D environment through a 2D flat screen surface. With its user-centric accumulation points, SonicFields-as its name proposes- is a remediated 3D soundscape, a model of sonicworld with multitude of sounds emerging from various vibrations.
Allegorically speaking - sound is a prey, wandering around us and our ears become fragile microphones awaiting for a hunt. In SonicFields environment, our journey becomes an adventure of seeking for appropriate sounds from a range of possibilities for our personal soundscapes. Every sphere in SonicFields represents a sonic tree with variety of fruits on its branches, we hope those who walk in SonicFields would also fill their buckets with a plentitude of fruits of their like.

Ekmel Ertan
In the first term of project studio III course I aimed at teaching fundamentals of screen based interactive media design and hands-on capabilities to create applications. Students learned using authoring tools, and gained deeper knowledge on nature of digital media and user interaction. Students worked to enhance their design competence in digital medium as well as technical skills. They learned basics of scripting in flash environment as well.

Here, selections from two assignments, which are titled "Interactive Story" and "Sabancı by Numbers" are exhibited.

Student Participation: Güneş Akyürek, Merve Arkunlar, Can Ö. Atakol, Özgür Atlagan, Dilek Ayker, Tahir Akay, Emre Birişmen, Beyza Boyacıoğlu, Berk Çakmakçı, Ufuk V. Doğan, Didem Erk, Pelin Güre, Melis Gökçen, Uras Gülbiter, Ahmet Güzererler, Belkıs F. Işık, Seda K. Küçükoğlu, Emrah Kavlak, Çağrı Küçüksayraç, Burak N. Kurt, Bartosz Laskowski, Bora Ömeroğlu, Tim Ötting, Didem Özkara, Deniz C. Önduygu, Emre Parlak, Bulut Sakçak, Irmina Staniszewska, Can Şen, Gülşah Taşkın, Çağın Torkut, Melike D. Tuncel, Can Timor, Alp Tugan, Ahmet Türkoğlu, İdil E. Ünal, Hürcan E. Yılmazer, Esen Yaşar, Yiğit Yüksel, Aslı Özpehlivan, Başak Sahin, Berin Zafer, Cem Kohen. 


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