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Drawing Series

The act of drawing is a pure reflection of my psyche and identity. It evolved within the aspect of my character, idiosyncrasies, faith, belief and experiences. However this body of work does not tend to fall definitely into any particular category of drawing per sake. These drawings were intended mostly to replicate or simplified the thinking process-visually throughout a series of marks and scribbles onto a surface. “The regulating lines are not, in principle a preconceived plan; they are chosen in a particular form depending on the demands of the composition itself, already formulated, already well and truly in existence. The line does no more than establish order and clarity on the level of geometrical equilibrium, achieving a veritable purification. The regulating lines do not bring in any poetic or lyrical ideas; they do not inspire the theme of the work, they are not creative, they merely establish a balance. A matter of plasticity, pure and simple” 1


These drawings were arranged tentatively from mere scribbles to conceptual meaning with medium representation such as water, air, sand as the elements in landscape, the sun, moon, as totem. These drawings personify striking lonely path diffused in the mist of the landscape using graphite pencil until the fragile medium began to deface in the lyrics of ideal sketches engaging with issues of time, space and memories.

Ernesto Pujazon

1 Elam, Kimberly, 1951- Geometry of Design: studies in proportion and composition. 2001 Princeton Architectural Press, pg 101.











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