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Emulations & Imaginary Being

Emulations & Imaginary Being

Mehmet Kösemen

Exhibition asistant: Ceren Taşkent

A very successful artist despite his young age, Mehmet Kosemen opens an exhibiton at FASSART Gallery at 8 December 05, which is full of distinct and striking works. This collection draws its contents from two distinct lines of work. The fist part, the printouts named "Emulations", wherein the human body is seen contorting itself to match the forms of creatures that are alive, dead, or don't necessarily exist. In second part, the audience confronts "Imaginary Creatures" illustrating four fabulous beings of Turkish Mythology. With these works, we can meet the unconstrained imagination of a very young artist and we can look the Turkish- Islamic culture from a different perspective. Also, the first part, which can be understood as the variations about the human body, gives the insight about human nature and primitiveness. Besides, the twisting corridors with the shape of gallery-within-the-gallery, forms a different and new concept in the format of exhibiting. 


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