Recipher is at Sabancı University FASS Art Gallery in October25-09-2018

RECIPHER is a group show featuring work generated by students of Selçuk Artut’s “Creative Coding” course at Sabancı University. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics and philosophy of [Italian] Futurism, students developed computational codes and creative scripts to devise unique generative works, ranging from digital tableaux to interactive audio-visual pieces.  Harnessing code as an expressive and creative tool, students explored the symbiotic relationship between generative art and Futurism, the technology-loving avant-garde movement that sought not only to destroy older forms of culture but also to celebrate, through art, the beauty of machinery, of movement, of modernity and innovation.
Set to open at Sabancı University’s FASS (Faculty of Arts & Sciences) Gallery in October, 2018. Recipher will not only highlight the surprising compatibility between the technological and creative aspirations of Futurism and the ever-evolving field of generative art, but will also showcase the oft-overlooked creative opportunities in computational coding, especially within the context of art.