the Body21-03-2019

The expressive function of  language is also revealed in the collections of feminine and masculine torsos and feet ("Collections VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII"), which paradoxically combine both material and spiritual elements. A conclusion should be drawn that Karolina Aszyk seems to deprive the antinomy, known from the Platonic philosophical tradition: physicality-spirituality, of the paradoxicality, and certainly of the ambivalence, in her realizations from the last few years. The author states this almost directly in the same commentary to her works, a fragment of which I have quoted above: " It is important in my artistic concept that the encounter of the spiritual and material elements is accomplished through physicality. This concept results from my personal experience. I have no doubt that I have an access to the spiritual world through the world of the senses, through the matter, and thus through the body. "