Drawing Theatre Student Exhibition 201915-12-2019


Before getting lost in the magical World of Drawing Theatre, figure drawing should be taught

as in a key to open the door of this charming experience. Students who are currently taking

figure drawing course have been trained beforehand on creating a description of the human

naked body by analyzing the characteristics proportions of separate human parts from a live,

stable actor.

 Theoretically explaining figure drawing, the curriculum consists of three main parts. First part 

would be the introduction which aims to train/prepare artists how they could successfully transform

 an emotion in motion presented by an actor, into a stable form by using ink, pen, chalk, and pencils.

  In addition to these mediums, technological arts are also introduced by using stop motion as a 

filmmaking technique. Right after the first step of entering the real- time figure drawing experience,

 the composition, which is collaboratively done by the actors and painters, starts. An actor is crowned

 by the mission of transforming the beauty, rhythm,  elegance, and balance of nature delightfully to 

future artists’ brushes and audiences’ hearts.

Actor uses Stanislawski and Eric Morris’s method on stage for creating a partially improvised

experience. The third part is built up with the theoretical side to this experience, methods and the history 

of acting is taught such as Eric Morris, Stanislawski, Grotowski, Meyerhold. These three branches dance

 together feeding, growing and completing each other harmoniously, presenting an exquisite experience 

which is named by Drawing Theatre

Nehir Sena Görür

Begüm Çelik