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Olesya Blazhenkova Faculty Member
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2006 - 2008, PhD in Psychology, George Mason University, USA
2002 - 2005, MA in Psychology, Rutgers University, USA
1991 - 1996, BS & MS in Psychology, Moscow State University, Russia

Areas of Interest

My research focuses on individual differences in visualization abilities and styles, from both theoretical and applied perspectives. It investigates the dissociation between different types of visualization among individuals of different ages and specializations. Specifically, I am interested in the differences between object visualization (representation and processing of the literal appearances of objects in terms of their pictorial properties such as shape, color, and texture) and spatial visualization (representation and processing of spatial relations, locations of objects in space, and spatial transformations). My research includes studies with children, college students and members of different professions that involve group, individual, quantitative and qualitative assessment.

RESEARCH AREA KEYWORDS: Visual-spatial cognition; Visual Imagery; Visualization abilities; Individual differences; Imagery Development; Boundary Extension.


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