Following My Dreams: Midterm

30 April 2012
Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students in their midterm exhibition of the course "VA 204 Language of Drawing II" are combining the modern methods with traditional techniques. In VA 204 course students are asked to visualize their dreams on a paper: With the knowledge they archived from their previous course "VA 203 Language of Drawing I" students manage to utilize different materials to accomplish their drawings.   

In the end of the course, students improve their skills by drawing from memory and imagination. They become able to work in big scale drawings, discovering the light and light sources reflecting on human body, realizing the differences between static and dynamic forms. Finally they reached the level of entry talent exam of the most fine art academies.   

Participants: Sedef Uluğ, Yaren Bilici, Başak Aras, Cemre Maviğlu, Hayriye Tuğçe Evirgen, Ceren Tekşahin, Başak Erbakan, Reysi Leon, Müge Mahmutçavuşoğlu, Begüm Bahçecik, Burcu Bilge, Belmin Pilevneli, Selin Sargut, Mert Koç, Muhammet İlbey Bulut, Ali Kanıbelli, Mina Melis Karslıoğlu, Linda Koster, Efe Özmen, Berna Roksan Sarıoğlu, Utkan Bugay, Bengisu Yılmaz.