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To Infinity

To Infinity

Ilhan Koman Exhibition "TO INFINITY"

Event Date: 21 May - 2 June 2007

Event Address: Sabanci University FASS Art Gallery

Curator: Ahmet Koman

Coordinator: Prof. Ali Alpar, Defne Ucer

Asistant: Sena Arcak, Hasan Salih Ay

Poster design: Asli Narin

The exhibition TO INFINITY took place June 2-15 2007 at FASS Art Gallery, within the framework of a day-long get together entitled Kose Bucak Bilim, organized for elementary and secondary school teachers on June 2, 2007. The exhibition featured the sculptures "To Infinity", "Hyperform", "???????????" and "Three Rotors". "Hyperform" and "???????????" are examples of Ilhan Koman's work in "developable surfaces", where a three dimensional structure is formed from plane surfaces. Rotors are dynamic windmill designs which change structure according to varying wind speed. 


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