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La View - Larger Than Life

La View - Larger Than Life

This is a series of documentary photographs, which I shot three months ago during my summer trip for overseas exhibitions, talks and projects.

I have picked the longer and tougher way rather than having direct flight to my final destination. I have traveled by bus with no windows, overnight train with strangers, camels in the desert and a mule to cross the mountains and much more only to experience and understand the unfamiliar faces and surroundings.

Instead of shooting "Barbie dolls" in a metropolis city, I have chosen to document the imperfect beauty. A beauty that lies beyond my viewfinder. A pair of eyes and faces with stories to tell. An unbelievable scene of living condition in some harsh area. A moment itself that is larger than life - La View.

Photographs location/data:
Kashmir, Srinagar and Ladakh, India. Xian and XinJiang, China


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