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New Elementarism

New Elementarism by Özdemir Altan

Art consists of the togetherness of concepts, origins, structures and logic different from each other.

In order to verify this reality in an extreme point of practice I had to bring things together that are entirely alien to each other. But it was a fact that the things that were the most unfamiliar to each other resulted from a coincidental togetherness.

"After a few trials 1 chose the theme 'the maps1 because they were the most uncontrolled and completely coincidental subjects.

First I paint all around the subject, then I cut the districts made from plywood from the  map, and distribute them to amateurs, professional painters, and children, and tell them to do 'whatever they wantr. Then I collect them back, and mount them on the map again according to the numbers on their back , And I never interfere with them.

As a result, ail through history, painters were seeking the so charmed coincidence with consciousness, and finally finding it.

I let the coincidence absolutely free.

Özdemir Altan

Coordinator: Yağmur Altan
Assistants: Nihan Somay - Sedef Aydoğan
Curator: Wieslaw Zaremba


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