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Nude Portraits

Nude Portraits

Nude Portraits 3, VA 204 Language of Drawing II

Event Date: 16.07.07

Event Address: Fass Art Gallery Sabancı University

About Exhibition: The exhibition Nude Portraits 3, which comprises the works of  Sabancı   University sophomores studying Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design in the course Language of Drawing II, opens July 16 in FASS Art Galery, at 18.00. The exhibition curated by Wieslaw Zaremba, instructor for Language of Drawing I and II, consists of colored 'drawings' of dry pastel on paper. The compositions employ elements from students' secret dreams, both the pleasant as well as the nightmares, and a model acts out these dreams. Those students who cannot supply a dream instead create images in which the model  poses. The Sabancı University Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design program differs from other schools that offer a similar program in that Sabancı does not require a talent exam of its entering students. In Language of Drawing I's first semester, the course goal is understanding forms and tones by drawing  live models. The second semester continues with work using colors, again with a live model, who this time poses as a "hero".  In deciding on angles and the amount of light to employ, students focus on color behavior.

During the entirety of the  sophomore year, under instructor guidance, students study art history, attempting to learn the styles of the great painters. Freedom in terms of choice of pose, the use of light and color that comes with the second semester, as well as a lighter work load--all help students reach the expected level of mastery by the end of the sophomore year.
Participants: Gunes Akyurek, Merve Arkunlar, Can O. Atakol, Dilek Ayker, Emre A. Birismen, Beyza Boyacioglu, Berk Cakmakci, Gizem Darendelioglu, Berna Devrim, Ufuk V. Dogan, Naz Gokcen, Osman O. Gokmen, Uras Gulbiter, Fatma B. Isik, Merve B. Kibar, Tunc M. Korap, Bulut Sakcak, Zahid Tandogan, Gulsah Taskin, Can Timor, Firdevs Ulus, Idil E. Unal, Esen Yasar, Berin C. Zafer, , Nazli H. Celiker, Merve Elveren, Melis Gokcen, Hulusi E. Gokmen, Seda K. Kucukoglu, Bora Omeroglu, Didem Ozkara, Can Sen, Melike D. Tuncel, Hurcan E. Yilmazer.

Exhibition Assistant: Fatma Belkis Isik

Assistant: Sena Arcak

Curator and Professor: Wieslaw Zaremba


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