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Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Event Date: 9-25 May 2006

Opening Cocktail: 18:30

Exhibition of works by:
Salih Ay
Berke Soyuer
Elif Susler making fragmentation and deformation, the intention of my works aims to intervene in each action of our recreation process that is the core identity of humankind. From the perspective of contemporary reflections, the idea is evolving around Van Gogh's painting named as "Night Cafe" and the woks are emerging in the studio which is modified to a lab.

To pass through the text is to pass through the veil. To reach the story of Shamaran is as hard as making a tunnel with veil. The place that you reach at the end of the tunnel is as unknowable as the last sentence of a novel. There are the ones that are renewed and start new lifes after going out of the tunnel and also, others that have not been touched by the tunnel. This is about with which the first step is taken. And, is it either a story or a puzzle of logic consisting of a cloth and staplers one is searching for: it indicates either one can read the letters of glass or not. Not everyone that enters the tunnel can pass through the veil; not everyone that flows through the veil can see the letters of glass. To continue a fairy tale is the hardest challenge in the world. Take care of yourselves...or the courage to enter the tunnel...decide what you want to see before your first step.

The supreme fish says:

"I'm broken into pieces because of my nature..."

A picture of nature which is not "natural" has been formed actually. This has become true through self-control or namely, control of nature; the girl who comes, turns, and goes out of the motionless grass and her buckets, disability of the gold fish to escape from the eyes, the child that cannot recede from the buckets that I grow...



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