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Photography Matters

Photography Matters exhibition showcases works of the students who enrolled in VA328 “Digital Imaging and Photography” and VA 329 “Photography and Expression” classes during the 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring semesters which are instructed by Murat Durusoy. The exhibition consists of a wide array of subjects and themes, such as Image and Text, Typology, Stop Motion, Documentary Photography, Simulations, Beauty of the Ordinary, Advertisement Photography..etc. Developed as a whole, these courses offered students a practical and theoretical basis for a unique visual language that as designers and artists they can express ideas, create new worlds, document, archive, construct a narrative backbone of a story through lens-based image creation. The exhibition is a compilation of original visual expressions of emerging artists and designers through photography and lens-based media, which is an ever-evolving, essential cornerstone of the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design fields.



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