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PRINT - Pacific Rim Meets in Istanbul

PRINT - Pacific Rim Meets Istanbul

The International ‘PRINT - Pacific Rim Meets Istanbul’ exhibition provides a rare and incredible opportunity, to view contemporary print artworks from many nations geographically united by their proximity to the Pacific Rim, in a collaborative merger with print artworks from Istanbul. The idea for creating an exhibition from these two vastly different regions, cultures and creative sensibilities, was developed when the co-curators, faculty member Alex Wong from Sabancı University, Istanbul and Associate Professor Cathryn Shine from the University of Canterbury, discussed how ‘globalisation’ in the art world was now a unifying dimension of contemporary life. This wonderful exhibition will greatly enhance the visual, emotional and intellectual experiences for any audience.

Coinciding with the Istanbul Biennale 2011, International PRINT - Pacific Rim Meets Istanbul’ presents an astounding display of contemporary printmaking. Artists in this exhibition have worked with diverse concepts, and in an extraordinary range of processes from the traditional mono printmaking to ultra-modern digitally generated images. The expert skills of the artists can be seen in the technical, originality of these works on paper.

At present, artists from all nations and cultures are constantly reacting to, and reflecting on issues of contemporary life in their work. Now days many artists are no longer intimately connected to one small community, and are not restricted to making artworks for a narrow audience. In this exhibition there are many common conceptual themes, such as global environmental issues, sustainability, history, reverence for nature, personal journeys, politics and entertainment that reflect on our shared humanity.

Electronic and digital art forms have contributed to and changed our judgements, processes and perceptions, of art making. Our awareness of the world’s contemporary life is now so much more universal, as access to the Internet with its speedy communications between peoples from widely different cultures and locations, enhances our understanding of each other.

Printmaking is a medium immensely suited to utilise the post-modern approach of appropriating and ‘constructing’ images. Works on paper can be distributed worldwide with ease, and the repeatable printed image reflects aspects of modern, mass communication and new technology.

‘PRINT - Pacific Rim Meets Istanbul’ featured in ISEA Istanbul 2011, showcases an extremely talented group of artists who push any confined definitions of printmaking, by expanding our knowledge of new technologies in print artworks. Equally, these artists challenge us intellectually in provocative ways, encouraging us to explore visual ideas, experimental effects and individual conceptual vocabularies, to take us in unexpected new directions.

Cathryn Shine and Yoong Wah Alex Wong
International PRINT Exhibition - Pacific Rim Meets Istanbul 2011 
Curators in chief

Participating Artists: Ann Johnston-Schuster, Washington, USA - Anne Starling, New South Wales, Australia - Anthony Davies, Wanganui, New Zealand - Ben Rak, New South Wales, Australia - Briar Craig, British Columbia, Canada - Byron Brauchli, Veracruz, Mexico - Cathryn Shine, Christchurch, New Zealand - Chunwoo Nam, New York, USA - Daisuke Inada, Tokyo, Japan - Deborah Cornell, Massachusetts, USA - Didem Çarıkçı Wong, Istanbul, Turkey - Fatoş Adiloğlu, Istanbul, Turkey - Hernado Vergara Amaya, Bogata, Columbia - Jenny Freestone, Maryland, USA - John Travaglia, Hamilton, New Zealand - Jonathan Cartledge, Massachusetts, USA - Kim Lowe, Christchurch, New Zealand - Kim Seung Yeon, Seoul, South Korea - Kyle Turner, Illinois, USA - Lynn Criswell, California, USA - Manuel Lau, Quebec, Canada - Marian Crawford, Victoria, Australia - Mark Graver, Kerikeri, New Zealand - Michael Bishop, California, USA - Michelle Martin, Oklahoma, USA - Mitch Mitchell, Alberta, Canada - Mitsuru Nagashima, Chiba-Ken, Japan - Olav Nielsen, Dunedin, New Zealand - Paul Smith, New South Wales, Australia - Richard Bigus, Hawaii, USA - Rıza Kuruüzümcü, Istanbul, Turkey - Shirley Benstein, Connecticut, USA - Stephen Lovett, Auckland, New Zealand - Valdlmir Zuev, Nizhny Tagil, Russia -Wendy Kahle, Oregon, USA - Wieslaw Zaremba, Gdansk, Poland - Yoong Wah Alex Wong, Istanbul, Turkey - Yuji Hiratsuka, Oregon, USA


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