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Curators: Fathi Bakkoush and Yoong Wah Alex Wong
Date: December 2-31, 2015
Place: FASS Art Gallery


Intersections of Possibility:
Due to this newfound potential for designing greater experiences, today’s designers are beginning to consider the relationship between context, visuals, form and the fourth dimension: time.

It is through an understanding of both the intersections of these conditions and the undefined spaces between them that one can develop design that communicates thoroughly. The emphasis on collaboration and use of rapidly advancing creative technology provides tangible opportunities to visually express all four dimensions at once.

The Secession 2015 modular logo takes all these dimensions into consideration. Three visible pieces move around in space display their changing relationships within a sequence where they intersect and overlay. Simply put, this exhibition with the infinite breadth of possibilities before us. These are the dimensions in which we continue to explore, grow and exist.


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