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Stratagems, Biogems, and Games of Chance

Exhibition: Stratagems, Biogems, and Games of Chance

24 November - 14 December 2012

Through technological research, reality is being revealed as far more complex than anything the mind can invent or imagine, inviting renewed speculation on the human position. Human agency, in such forms as genetics and molecular research, has also become a new and powerful force at environmental levels, changing our fundamental assumptions about what we perceive as real. Conversely, environmental factors influence and condition human cultural expressions. The various series of digital prints in this exhibition, Biogems, Games of Chance, and Acqua Alta reflect differing aspects of human and technological interference, interconnection, speculation, and hope, and the inevitability of action/reaction.

This work is motivated by the compelling exactness of living forms, and by processes that reflect a changing reality - and the way that their images become refracted in human culture. Among the diverse cultural influences that condition our view, an undercurrent in this work is the vision of science and technology, with its questions on the nature of the real.

game of chance

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