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Survival Culture – Story Lands

Survival Culture – Story Lands

In March 2010, FASS Art Gallery presents to you “Survival Culture, Story Lands – Xinjiang”. The land of a harmonious society and a land full of tales shared by the Uygurs, Hans, Kazakhs, Huis, Mongols, Kirgizs, Xibes, Tajikis and many more ethnic groups. With more than 18,000KM travel and documented works from northern Xinjiang (Altay city – Kanas and Hemu), Urumqi, Tacheng, Karamay, Hami, Ili, Aksu, Turpan city, to the southern XinJiang (Kashgar city). These ongoing works of photographs range from historical landmarks to the silent unknown back streets of undiscovered villages as well as landscape photographs that resemble painting brought to you by Alex Wong and Zhang Xin Min.

“To me, as a local born in Xinjiang the most attracted part would be the crossing, merging and clashing between the modern civilization and the well preserved culture. At sight, everything under my footstep has no separations or distance differences; the mountain, river, bazaar, citizens are all warmly blended and actively appealing”. Zhang Xin Min

“As a familiar foreigner who visited Xinjiang for the third time, my memories and thoughts flew everywhere when I had arrived Urumqi city again. For a moment I was “blur-blur” on the way continue to discover Xinjiang province. Rain...rain...rain, all I could see was heavy rain and cloudy weather ahead of us. My thoughts still cling the moldering past of my previous visit from the moment we drove away from Urumqi city. The cloud was thick and grey, hoping the sun would blast through it, clearing some of my nostalgic memories, doubts and start a fresh journey ahead.

On the way, I started to wonder who own these roads and the land? The local folks (The Uygurs, Hans, Kazakhs, Tatars, Tajiks, Mongolians, Russians and other local ethnic groups), us - the traveler, the vehicle, the animals? All I could see was that all living beings were crossing this piece of peaceful landscape freely. Flashes of moment while passing through this very long journey, the stranger in thick fog, the silent love maker, the rumors and doubts about this piece of beautiful land were clear and revealed itself as the sunlight painted across the clear blue sky. The journey was long yet fast, before I waved my hand to this piece of wonderful and mysterious land leaving nothing behind except dust and shadow. Goodbye and will see you soon enough, my friends”. Alex Wong

NOTE: At this point we have selected six hundred photographs out of thousand for a comprehensive overview of Survival Culture – Story lands, Xinjiang. Due to the compact and decent size of this gallery we manage to fit in one hundred and sixty eight works. We look forward further international and local gallery collaboration with FASS Art Gallery to present you all of these on-going works in detail. We also look forward to showcase these works in November at Xinjiang Arts Institute, China.


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