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The Tent

Nagihan Aydınlık’s Graduation Exhibition
Nagihan Aydınlık completed her master education at Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Fall 2021. She held her graduation exhibition in Fass Art Gallery in between 22-29 April. A tent specially built for this exhibition and three animation videos were displayed. In her animation works, she focuses on issues such as body politics, orientalism, social norms, taboos and cultural conflicts. The Tent was built to help us rediscover what we miss or forget, to create a bond with wise elders and ancestors, and to slow down for a few moments. She believes that we have disconnected with our own life, spirituality and roots as a result of the fast pace of our lives, technology, memory loss, and being stuck in the cities. We are experiencing memory loss of our roots and belonging, we are feeling numb day by day. This work aims to revive the forgotten memory, keep the culture alive and nourish from the roots.

Curator and Supervisor: Yoong Wah Alex Wong

Exhibition Assistant: Kıvanç Sert

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