Universidad del Desarrollo

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About Universidad del Desarrollo

Universidad del Desarrollo is known not only for its academic excellence, but also for its entrepreneurial hallmark. This feature has earned it a place of privilege in higher education in Chile and Latin America a mere 20 years since it was founded.
 Entrepreneurship is a characteristic that distinguishes its students and professors. It creates aninteractive and dynamic environment on campus where innovationand new ideas are constant. Ethics and public responsibility, the hallmark values of UDD, are encouraged not only in the classroom, but are also put into practice in each of the activities conducted at UDD. Campuses: UDD has two campuses, one in Santiago and the other one around 500 kms southern, in Concepción.In Concepción UDD has language requirement: students should have fluent level of Spanish because UDD does not have so many courses in English. On the other hand, in Santiago UDD has a wide offer of courses in English, therefore, there is no need for students to speak Spanish.