Works in Progress

Welcome to our studio.

Walking through the FASS building, the studio doors look very plain. But it is what is behind them that matters.

Works in Progress is a selection of work from MA Candidates in Sabanci’s Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design department. The artists shown are both first and second-year students; some are beginning to develop a plan for their time at Sabanci, while others are progressing towards their final project. We are painters, photographers, critics and professional designers, all enjoying the time and space to experiment.

Creating art is more than just pen on paper, paint on a brush, or the click of a shutter. The works you see here are not finished products, but thoughts and feelings we want to communicate. Many things are tried and tested during the artmaking process, beautiful and radical ideas never seen by anyone but the artist. We are given space and time where we try to express ourselves through images and objects, and this exhibition invites you to join in our process – looking, asking questions, getting lost in our thoughts and in the world around us.