Online FASS courses in Spring 2021 semester09-02-2021

Dear Students,

Except for a few Visual Arts (VA) courses that require studio environment, all Spring 2020-21 semester courses of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will be delivered online.

There are several course structures. Some courses will be delivered solely synchronously while some others will have both synchronous and asynchronous parts. Some courses will have asynchronous lectures with one- or two-hour slots for discussions and/or quizzes and exams.  

We strongly recommend you to check course syllabi (by clicking the red buttons in the course schedule pages) for detailed information about the exact structure.

We wish you all a successful and healthy semester.

FASS Dean’s Office


Important: Please note that missing slots in a course’s schedule page (e.g. PSY 201) means that the course has some asynchronous parts.