From Sketch to Painting 202220-07-2022

From Sketch to Painting 2022

Creating can be dangerous. It is a bittersweet path with an award at the end. When you discover the satisfaction of creating something that belongs to you, you can't stop and you can't be stopped. This class is essential because it opens a gate to the world of possibilities. Beware! It is quite easy after this to get lost, but some take advantage of the guidance they receive from the masters because they see the appeal of making their unique way with the help of the guidance. Zaremba's class will help you learn to work individually so you can discover your potential on your own. By keeping the secrets of the studio, you learn to work within a community. Do what feels right to you and believe in yourself before anyone else does. Power is within you and nowhere else. It's time to decide, are you brave enough to find who you are?

Exhibition take place at SUSAM  building, FASS corridors ground floor and staircase.