Özgür Proje - Requirements

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Only undergraduate students can apply, preferably as a team. 

For students participating as a team: The group must include at least one student from FASS diploma programs OR at least one student who has not yet declared a major diploma program (freshmen, sophomore, or language school).

For students participating alone: You must be in a FASS diploma program, or not yet declared a major diploma program (freshmen, sophomore, or language school). 

The application file (a word document you write) must be composed of the following three sections: 

  1. The topic: Explain your “good question” and why you think it is important, possibly with references (motivation for the Project, max 2 pages).
  2. Execution plan: Explain what you will do and why you plan to do these, as well as how you will distribute the tasks between the team members.  (max 3 pages). 
  3. Budget: Explain why each expense you propose is needed, and provide as well an explanation as to the timing of the resources you need. The care and attention you put into preparing and justifying your budget will be an important criterion for evaluating the application. 

Özgür Proje can have an application duration between 6-months and one year. The jury can award funding to many projects in a given application period. There is no typical or average project size. However, projects of a size above 5000 TLs are unlikely to be funded. If yours is such a project, it is a good idea to also propose a small-size version below 3000 TLs.

The deadline for applications: April 24, 2021

Applications should be emailed to the address: oya.yegen@sabanciuniv.edu

Evaluation: A jury composed of faculty members, students, and sponsors will determine the winners within the first week of May. Selected projects will start off.