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Graduate Student Paper / Artwork Award Results

In 2024, The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for the first time has launched a Research award for graduate students to honor and reward their accomplishments in the area of Arts and Social Sciences. Graduate students in all programs were invited to submit their papers and/or their artwork to be considered for this recognition.  The purpose of the award is to reward cutting-edge research, artwork and publications by graduate students during their studies and encourage them in their academic careers.  In this inaugural year, ten individual applications for the Graduate Student Paper/Artwork award were received for evaluation. All submissions were highly competitive, demonstrating the accomplishments and the potential of our students. The jury had a hard time in deciding the final winner. 

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that in 2024, the FASS Research Award is granted to Yağmur Damla Şentürk, MSc student in Psychology, for her published paper titled "The reactivation of task rules triggers the reactivation of task-relevant items". Her co-authored paper, where she is the first author, was published in CORTEX Journal 

In addition, the jury also wanted to recognize İlkan Can İpekçi whose paper titled "Queering the Oedipus Complex: A Critical Evaluation of Female Homosexuality from Hysteria to the Invention of Personality Disorders" received  "Honorable Mention"

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