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Psychology Seminar: Arnaud D’Argembeau (University of Liège)

The temporal compression of events in episodic memory

Arnaud D’Argembeau (University of Liège, Belgium)

Remembering the unfolding of a continuous event typically takes less time than the initial duration of the retrieved episode, a phenomenon that has been referred to as the temporal compression of events in episodic memory. In this talk, I will present recent studies that have shed light on how this compression mechanism operates. The evidence suggests that the continuous flow of experience is not represented as such in episodic memory, but that the course of events is recalled as a succession of moments or slices of experience that includes temporal discontinuities—portions of past experience are omitted when remembering. Consequently, the rate of event compression is not constant but depends on the density of recalled segments of experience. Recent findings further suggest that working memory capacity plays an important role in the formation of these event segments that constitute episodic memories.

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