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Republicanism Workshop - 100th year of the Turkish Republic

This workshop aims to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey and discuss Republicanism from a broad, multidisciplinary and global perspective. Republicanism is an intellectual tradition with roots in ancient Roman political philosophy, focusing on liberty, self-government and active citizen participation in political life.

Graduate Student Colloquium  16:00 -17:30

Elif İnci Ünal (Sabancı University) /  Climate Engineering through a Republican Lens

Tuğçe Kaban (Sabancı University)/  Tracing the Footprints of Top-Down Modernization in the Early Republic Era through Entertainment Culture: The Past and Present of Ankara Pavyons

Samuele C. Abrami  (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan / Visiting Researcher at Sabancı University) / Nostalgia for the Past in the “New Turkey” Between Kemalist Utopia and Islamist Dystopia

Cara Addleman (University of Cambridge) /  Republicanism and the Challenge from Adaptive Preferences

Zeynep Özge Iğdır (Sabancı University) /  Continuity and Change: Electoral Institutions in Republican Turkey


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