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Econ Seminar: Arseniy Samsonov (Özyeğin University)

Arseniy Samsonov (linkfrom Ozyeğin University will present his paper entitled "Should Politicians be Informed? Targeted Benefits and Heterogeneous Voters" on Thursday, 23th of May at 13.00.  The seminar will be physical in FASS 2054 but it can also be followed online at the following link

"Should Politicians be Informed? Targeted Benefits and Heterogeneous Voters"

We compare two scenarios in a model where politicians offer local public goods to heterogeneous voters: one where politicians have access to data on voters and thus can target specific ones, and another where politicians only decide on the level of spending. When the budget is small, or the public good has a high value, access to voter information leads the winner to focus on poorer voters, enhancing voter welfare. With a larger budget or less crucial public goods, politicians target a narrow group of swing voters, which harms the voter welfare.

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