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Abdurrahman AydemirFaculty of Arts and Social SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483

Faculty Member


Ph.D. (Economics), The University of Western Ontario, 2003 Fields: Labour Economics, Public Economics M.A. (Economics), The University of Western Ontario, 1996 B.S. (Industrial Eng.), Bilkent University, 1994

Areas of Interest

Labour Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Migration, Education, Intergenerational mobility


Society of Labour Economists, Canadian Economics Association, Canadian Labour Economics Forum, European Society of Population Economics

Book Section / Chapter
Working Paper / Technical Report
Publications Prior to SU

“The Immigrant Wage Differential Within and Across Establishments” (2008), Industrial and Labour Relations Review, April 2008, 61:3 (with Mikal Skuterud).

“Educational Attainment and Labour Market Outcomes of the First and Second Generations: A Comparison of the United States and Canada” (2007), Research in Labor Economics, Vol. 27, p. 215-270 (with Arthur Sweetman).

“A Comparative Analysis of the Labor Market Impact of International Migration: Canada, Mexico, and the United States” (2007). Journal of the European Economic Association. Vol. 5, issue 4, p. 663-708. (with George Borjas)

“Explaining the Deteriorating Entry Earnings of Canada’s Immigrant Cohorts: 1966-2000” (2005). Canadian Journal of Economics. Vol. 38, No.2, p. 641-671. (with Mikal Skuterud)

“Effects of Business Cycles on the Labour Market Participation and Employment Rate Assimilation of Immigrants” (2003). In C. Beach, A. Green and J. Reitz (editors), Canadian Immigration Policy for the 21st Century, p. 372-412, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal & Kingston.

“Volatility Modelling in Finance” (1998,2002 - 1st and 2nd ed.). In J. Knight and S. Satchel (editors), Forecasting Volatility in the Fina

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