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Undergraduate Programs

Among the few elite in research and education in this part of the globe since more than a decade, the Economics BA, MA and PhD programs at Sabancı University bring together a distinguished faculty with an excellent student body.

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Over the past century, and acceleratedly so during recent decades, visuality has become pervasive in all aspects of life due to the proliferation of media based communication devices which can be observed to have a strong basis in visuality.

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Cultural Studies undergraduate program will not accept new students starting from the 2020-2021 academic year. However, continuing students can still declare Cultural Studies as their major.

The Cultural Studies Program brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars with a commitment to fostering new ways of analyzing and participating in contemporary cultural dynamics in Turkey and around the world.

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The Psychology Program at Sabancı University is a thriving academic community. After two years of preparation and program development, the Psychology Major Program was started in 2014-2015 academic year. Psychology majors earn a BA degree through the exploration of the psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors that shape human behavior. Studying Psychology at Sabancı University will not only help the students gain basic knowledge and skills in the discipline of Psychology and cognate disciplines but also to acquire researcher skills needed to contribute to that knowledge themselves.


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The Political Science and International Relations undergraduate program aims to provide students with a scientific understanding of social phenomena that would enable them to uncover the roots of common perceptions and practices, challenge them when necessary, and come up with policy proposals when possible. Such an ambitious goal necessitates the students to be equipped with a knowledge of political theory and history, as well as of political economy and methodological tools in social sciences. In addition to the required and core courses which will provide such basic information and analytical perspectives, the students can choose either to concentrate in one of the areas governance or political thought, or can design their coursework in such a way to combine these areas with courses from other social science disciplines in order to get a broad training.


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