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Ersin Kalaycıoğlu Emeritus Faculty Member (216) 483 9345 ersinkalaycioglusabanciunivedu
Research Area

Conducted various survey research projects, both alone and in collaboration with other colleagues. Participated in the design and fieldwork of "Political Conditions of Rural Economic Development Project," with Ilter Turan. That project was conducted under the auspices of the University of Iowa during 1978 and 1980. Designed a study of the institutionalization process of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA), and conducted surveys with the deputies of the XVIIth Assembly in 1984, and of the XVIIIth Assembly in 1988. Participated in the national survey of socio economic outlook of the Turkish households with Yilmaz Esmer and Hamit Fisek of Bogazici University, in summer 1986. Participated in the "Turkish Values" survey with Ustun Erguder and Yilmaz Esmer of Bogazici University, Department of Political Science in the Fall of 1990, and also in 1996 -1997 with Yılmaz Esmer. Conducted a panel study of the Turkish voters in October 2002 and February 2003 on political participation and voting behavior with Ustun Erguder and Ali Carkoglu. Conducted a field survey of socio-political attitudes toward women in Turkey with Binnaz Toprak of Bogazici University, during July 2003. Conducted a national field survey of "Socio-political orientations and attitudes in Turkey"; in collaboration with Ali Çarkoğlu of Sabancı University in April and May 2006. Conducted a national survey of voters in June - September 2007 with Ali Çarkoğlu of Sabanci University. Conducted the national field survey on religiosity in 2008, on social inequality in 2009, environment in 2010 and health in 2011 with Ali Çarkoğlu, which are part of an international project of the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) and the first three projects were sponsored by TÜBİTAK. The data collected in those surveys were analyzed and presented as research reports from 2008 onwards in collaboration with Ali Çarkoğlu of Sabancı University. Dr. Kalaycıoğlu also participated in the national field survey on electoral behavior, in collaboration with Ali Çarkoğlu in every national election between 2002 to the 2018 national elections in Turkey. Dr. Kalaycıoğlu has worked as a principal investigator on other national field surveys as part of the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) in Turkey since 2008, which examines such social, political and economic issues as Religiosity, Inequality, Citizenship, Family, Healthcare, National Identity, Work Orientation in 48 nation - states around the globe. Aynı zamanda 2014 Cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimlerine ilişkin seçim sonrası (post - election) saha araştırmasıyla, 2015 Haziran genel seçimlerini Koç Üniversitesi'nden Ali Çarkoğlu ile birlikte yönetti. 2018 Genel seçimleri araştırmasını da Koç Üniveritesi'den Ali Çarkoğlu, Sabancı Üniversitesi'nden Mert Moral ve Koç Üniversitesinden S. Erdem Aykaç ile birlikte yönetti.

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