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Project 3V


Online Digital Media and Art Collaborative Project:

The Fine Arts Diploma Program, McNally School of Fine Arts, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (VAVCD Program), Sabancı University will be making an online collaborative project activity entitled, Project 3V (Visualize, Voice and Vision).

This collaborative activity between Sabancı University and LASALLE is a continuation of artistic activities and ties (exhibitions, workshops, and seminars) we had in the past namely; Now and Then, Here and There (2010), Takeaways (2010), SPARKS (2011), NINE+- (2012), Creating Together (2013), and sMall iDeas (2014), these projects were based on the mutual understanding and exchanges between the two academic institutions. The objective of this project is to encourage university students (artists and designers) to collectively engage in critical analysis, reflection, and research to investigate the issues that revolve topics via its social, cultural, environmental, and contemporary artistic practice. The learning approach will include online discussions together with students and supervisors from both sides.

The intended outcome will be collaborative digital media and art project created by students of both academic institutions, which will be showcased at LASALLE College of the Arts and Sabancı University gallery, as well as some possible exhibition venues.

This online collaborative artistic research project is scheduled to start from February – May 2021.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Alex Wong, Dr. Cedric van Eenoo, and Mr. Salleh Japar, Senior Lecturer will be the supervising faculty members for this project.


Project and topic:

Human and Nature Interrelationships.

(Based on reality and fiction)

  1. Unity and Diversity: Relooking Histories and Identities.

  2. Climate and Environmental Change (Nature or/and Cityscapes).


Participating Students (Exhibitors):

Berna Yıldıran

Fazera Makrof

Gamar Karimli

John Marie Mabale Andrada

Kang Ah Young

Le Kinh Dien

Nur Nurdoğdu

Pan Fei

Pauline Wong

Sinem Başar

Şevval Tufan

Yeraz Arslan

Zeynep Erkman

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