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Sparks 2021


SPARKS 2021 (Digital Media) online showcase comprised student projects in 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Art, Videography, and 3D Modeling. Our student projects are extra valuable this year because of the global lockdown period to prioritize health, and safety comes first. Although we faced a sudden change of mode of learning from physical to online learning in a short period, our commitment, enthusiasm, and positivism are unbeaten. We learned to overcome these technical and communication problems instantly to continue to produce artworks relentlessly. Professor’s and students’ interactions and meetings are no less than the usual time spent on-campus learning, in fact, more than ever. To date, we have experienced this first hand.

SPARKS 2021 continues to adopt the open concept, primarily to accommodate students who intend to realize their imagination and creativity in art, design, and artistic expression with digital media courses. Our students utilize different forms of media via software, videos, mobile apps and gadgets, virtual platform, and social media (Zoom, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) in the discussion process and creation. Therefore, these are the student projects resulting from exercises in the short time given in the courses mentioned above. By obtaining the digital media knowledge and information, our students are prepared and capable to develop their own artistic and conceptual works more extensively, like a portal that opens to different creative realms and dimensions. The importance of fundamental and rich courses available in the VAVCD program helped our students to gain history, theoretical and practical knowledge to be better (conscious) designers and artists with the multi-talented skillset and background needed in society.

Working with digital media sometimes takes much more effort and time because of the wide variety of options in styles, tools, platforms, and trials one needs to decide. In a sense, decision-making is crucial in this learning process. Digital media is not necessary making artists or designer artworks less valuable when viewed worldwide online instantly. Indeed some digital artists and designers are doing exceptionally well nowadays. Nonetheless, the digital transition remains a challenge to market, archive, distribute digital artworks, including to justify better copyright and censorship laws. The usage of digital media is in the facet of our daily life whether one likes it or not. It has a vitally broad and complex impact on society and culture. Digitization is profoundly altering our cultural experience in terms of new technology production, access, and information dissemination and in the sense of creation and participation, learning, and digesting such swift-paced information. There are two sides to every coin; perhaps leading toward a paperless society could lead to a sustainable future with less consumption of the decaying natural resources remaining in the world.

Here we share and present to you SPARKS 2021, and happy browsing.

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