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Our Faculty Member Çiğdem Bağcı's TÜBA GEBİP Award

Assoc. Prof. Sabahat Çiğdem Bağcı has been awarded the TÜBA GEBİP award 2022 with her social psychology project proposal entitled: ‘Perceptions of moral minorities in the society and their effects on environmental attitudes and behaviors’. In this project, Bagci aims to integrate various theories such as social identity, discrimination and threat theories driven from the intergroup relations literature to the study of environmental behavior. In her study, she will examine the extent to which ‘moral minorities’ such as vegans and environmentalists differ from traditional minorities, how these groups are perceived in the mainstream society, and more importantly how these perceptions might affect societies’ environmental attitudes and behaviors. The researcher aims to test how these groups who are typically associated with ‘moral superiority’ may shape individuals’ perspective towards environmentalism through the use of both quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as experimental procedures.   

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