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What is Özgür Proje?

University classroom education is typically a passive learning model. But learning requires interest and participation, which begins with asking a question… Your question.

We instituted Özgür Proje to fill in this gap in 2011, with the initiative of “Ateş Aile Fund” our donor, to set up a new model of university education in which students are encouraged to ask their own question and to study, inquire and apply their findings. To touch and feel “life” with a critical eye.

Students are completely free to determine the topic for their projects.

Students can investigate campus-related issues, or regional and even global problems. Or their topics can include economics, political science, international relations, sociology and culture, arts, visual media, law, psychology. The objective could be purely academic, but it could also have a community involvement aspect, forming and mobilizing networks, or a social/humanitarian/philanthropic side that aims at investigating injustice, inequality, poverty, development, etc. Artistic/creative projects are also welcome.

We shall encourage successful students to learn how to write a social project and implement it, to seek funds from outside agencies such as TUBITAK, open society institute, or the Project calls by European Union, etc.

So, « you ask, we finance, you answer. »

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